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Biden’s botched Afghanistan pullout ends in anarchy

Sunday, August 22nd, 2021 23:30 |
US President Joe Biden. Photo/AFP

President Joe Biden was touted as the calm and competent leader that America needed after four tumultuous years under Donald Trump.

Eight short months into Biden’s presidency, the world stares at hugely uncertain times.

While the mainstream media in the US had previously downplayed the growing crises of Biden’s presidency, his completely inept handling of the US pullout of troops from Afghanistan has shaken to the core even his most ardent supporters and apologists. 

A week ago, the Taliban made a triumphant entry into Kabul after Biden pulled out US troops. Since then, the US has endured the most inglorious humiliation in Kabul, with heart-wrenching scenes of desperate Americans and their Afghan allies trying to get onto any plane getting out of the country.

The last time the US made such an undignified exit was when Saigon fell in 1975, and the US scrambled to evacuate its citizens from atop its embassy roof in the Vietnamese capital as the Vietcong entered the city.

Where did it all go so wrong?

Military experts have been calling for a well-ordered withdrawal, including an organised evacuation of civilians from Afghanistan before the deadline. The calls fell on deaf ears. 

Then Biden just pulled out US troops. The result was catastrophic. Kabul is now in total anarchy.

Biden was forced to hastily send back thousands of troops, just weeks after pulling them out, to secure the airport for evacuation. 

Even Biden admits he has no clue whether the US will manage complete evacuation.

Worse, in the midst of the unfolding disaster, Biden hid for days, refusing to address his countrymen and the world, or return calls from his allies.

He still won’t accept any responsibility for his decision. The damage done to US global standing is immeasurable.

It is a total collapse of leadership. Biden’s credentials as the man who would restore competent leadership, and bring America back to the world, now lies in ruins.

If the evacuation turned rescue mission ends disastrously, he will never recover.

A smug Trump has wasted no opportunity to remind Americans, and the world, “I told you so.”

A global resurgence of terrorism looms. Afghanistan is populated with both ISIS and Al Qaeda militants, whose terror threat had remained muted by US troops.

With their allies the Taliban in charge, their forces will be unleashed. 

The botched Afghanistan pullout has brought a harsh spotlight to bear on Biden.

During the primaries and campaigns for the presidency, Biden’s challengers questioned his mental acuity.

His capacity to handle the rigours of a major global crisis at his age was questioned.

But as rising chaos unfolds in Kabul, and with Biden’s response in utter disarray, the issue of his mental acuity can no longer be swept under the carpet.

Afghanistan is the latest crisis to beset the Biden administration in recent months.

Inflation is streaking upwards, with fuel prices at the highest in decades, illegal immigrants are swarming in through its Southern border, economic recovery has plateaued, and Covid-19, which Biden declared defeated barely two months ago, is back with a vengeance. 

In Afghanistan, the worst is yet to come. It will be impossible to evacuate the estimated 40,000 US citizens and Afghan allies stuck in Afghanistan before the August 31, 2021, deadline set by the Taliban for complete US withdrawal. 

Unable to cope, Biden looks set to go into a meltdown. A defining political moment for the US is in the offing.

America gambled with their most important job by giving it to a 78-year old veteran of politics who was clearly past his prime. That gamble has unraveled spectacularly. [email protected]

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