Belting can save a life on the road

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 00:05 |
Past car accident.PHOTO/FILE

Daddies Diary with Justus Njoroge

“Dad, please belt up!” shouted my son, raising his voice high above the music in the car. “You know, if you don’t belt up and you have a car accident, you can easily die. Okay?” he added.

Although we were just leaving home, and I was anyway planning to belt up, his concern was encouraging. 

It reminded me of a family friend who was driving from Nairobi to Nakuru, when their car lost control just after Naivasha and rolled several times.

The car was completely damaged and was declared a write-off by insurance company. 

 Their car was actually thrown about 100 meters off the road. The husband suffered minor injuries and the wife had a fracture on the right leg.

Interestingly, their two-year-old daughter who was firmly strapped on the car seat latched at the back seat of their salon car did not even have a scratch on her body.

She was covered with dust on her face and that was it. When the good Samaritans got them out, their daughter was just smiling obliviously of the close shave she had with death. 

Had they not belted up, there was no way they could have survived with such minor injuries.

Their decision to belt-up and strap up their baby on the car seat had saved their lives and that of their only daughter.  

Grave ignorance

I have noted with disappointments adults whether they are the parents, guardians, relatives or even friends would drive with a child seated on the front seat without a seat belt on. 

Why on earth would you do this? It’s grave ignorance to ignore what the impact can be of that child seated or standing on the passenger side.  

At times when I go to the village with my car and some friend or family requests for a lift, I only give if there is space available including those of my children.

I won’t tell my children to stand up and be held by the adult in need of a lift. It may appear rude or selfish, but do it for the safety of those you love.

You could have driven many years without any incident or accident, but there is that one day when it will happen, and it could be fatal. Better be safe than sorry.

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