BBI was dangerous for Kenya, let’s not lie to the people – Ruto

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021 11:00 |

Deputy President William Ruto has said Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum drive was the most 'dangerous' constitutional change that has ever happened to Kenya.

Ruto said the initiative, that was nullified by the courts, would roll back gains made by Kenya in many years.

"The BBI was going to install an imperial presidency in a very unprecedented way," the DP said on Tuesday.

He said the appointment of ministers from parliament and the introduction of the office of the ombusdman to control the judiciary was a dangerous thing.

"Let us not lie to ourselves, let us not lie to the people. BBI was dangerous for Kenya," he said.

Ruto spoke after President Uhuru Kenyatta criticised him for opposing the BBI.

"I am sad that for political reasons, we could actually deny our people something that would have improved their livelihoods and made Kenya a more cohesive society." - President Uhuru Kenyatta speaks on BBI court verdict.

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