BBI puts senator between a rock and a hard place

Monday, March 1st, 2021 15:29 |

BBI puts senator between a rock and a hard place

A nominated senator from Kiambu is struggling with credibility and acceptance after a poor calculation ahead of the BBI vote in the assemblies last week.

The senator, put under the microscope by his party overstatements he made in the past, is torn between the two competing forces in the BBI debate.

Previously, he had supported the opposing team with hopes of landing a pivotal role only to be overlooked.

On the other side, there have been growing suspicion about his place in the team. Torn between summarises his current tribulations.

Junior officers caught in cash soliciting web

Bribery allegations have hit National Construction Authority after two junior officers were accused of soliciting cash to stop an intended demolition, after a building on Jogoo Road was spared the wrath of the bulldozers last week.

The junior officers, identified by the building developer were said to have made a request for the funds through a proxy known to them.

The officers however sidestepped the trap laid by DCI officials after they got wind of the same.

Fall from quaffing costly liquor to hard shanty life

Life has turned full circle for two suspects caught up in the multi-million shilling Department of Defence scandal two years ago.

The men who quaffed expensive liquor and enjoyed good company and lived in serviced dwellings at the height of their ‘business’ dealings, have suddenly found themselves where they rightly belong.

The two are currently struggling to pay rent in a shanty town just off Mombasa Road near Kitengela.

Tough is life that the one-time gentlemen have gone a few months without offsetting the monthly rent.

Famous blogger tweet keeps politicians awake

A tweet by a famous blogger last week has unsettled politicians, some of them supporting the BBI process.

The message that targeted former MPs and current officials close to the powers in the country seemed to suggest that the politicians from Gatanga, Muranga county are up to a mischief that has kept the politicians awake for four days.

Until the blogger unleashes the contents of the explosive message, the politicians will keep on calling their friends to keep tabs on what he has up his sleeves.


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