BBI: Ndindi Nyoro suspended from parliament after outburst

Thursday, May 13th, 2021 21:06 |
Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro
Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro PHOTO/COURTESY
Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro

Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro was suspended from four consecutive sittings of the National Assembly for a period of 4 days following the disparaging remarks he made which subjected the house to ridicule.

Nyoro referred to members of Parliament as traitors, conmen and sell outs just before he voted against the Constitution Amendment bill on Thursday, May 6.

Together with his Gatundu South and Nyali counterparts, Kiharu claimed that members of Parliament were bribed with a Ksh 100,000 gift to vote yes for the BBI bill.

When asked by Speaker Justin Muturi to substantiate the remarks he made, Nyoro replied, "when we came here last Thursday we were voting on many parameters, there are those like us who voted through their conscience.

There are others and I have evidence, who voted on the basis of their stomach and others who bought fear and voted on the basis of intimidation," Nyoro responded before adding that he was ready to give names.

"The people I referred to as cowards, traitors and sell outs are the people who departed from their conscience that day and voted through their

Stomach and also those who voted by the direction of their speaker and also those who bought fear and voted on the basis of intimidation," Nyoro stated.

Muturi announced that any member of the House was at liberty to move a motion for Nyoro's suspension.

Before that, Speaker Muturi had asked Nyoro to not to name any member of the house without having a substantive motion.

"I urge you to read the Hansard or else you will be in violation of house standing orders," the Speaker said.

Standing on a point of order, Ruaraka MP asked Nyoro to respect fellow members and not to taint their reputation by accusing MPs of being gullible to outside interference.

On the other other hand, Kuria confessed to receiving a bribe of Ksh100,000 to vote in Kipipiri MP Amos Kimunya as the National Assembly Majority Leader.

Kimunya took over from Garissa Town MP Aden Duale in June last year.

Speaking to BBC on Thursday, Kuria said he was handed the bribe at the Majority Leader's office.

“When the new Majority Leader was appointed we went to the majority leader’s office and received a USD 1000 gift," he stated.

Kuria further told the media station that bribery at the Kenyan Parliament is not something new since it is an inducement for a particular course of action.

“It is not uncommon in Kenya for members of parliament to be paid or compensated to vote in a particular way, especially when the government has an interest in a matter," Kuria said.

Pressed on why he took a bribe knowing it is unlawful, the MP stated that he will refund the recent bribe he received to the office of the Majority Leader.

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