Barca and Madrid’s title race might go down to head-to-head records

Thursday, June 11th, 2020 00:00 |
Barcelona’s Lionel Messi celebrates after scoring against Real Sociedad in a Spanish League match in February this year. Photo/PD/FILE

Barcelona will leave the Nou Camp for a year while the stadium is being redeveloped, president Joan Laporta has confirmed.

The planned works will begin in 2022 and could last for as long as four years.

Plans include an increase of 11,000 seats - taking the stadium capacity to 110,000, while surrounding areas including the club store and museum will also be refurbished.

However, for work to commence, the cash-strapped club is dependent on a loan.

The Catalan giants are reportedly in talks with investment bank Goldman Sachs, who could agree to the £1.27bn loan - but Barcelona's members will also have to give the green light.

It would be a big commitment after the club announced losses of £408million this week.

The Johan Cruyff Stadium is currently where Barcelona Women play their home matches.

Another option is the Montjuic Stadium - venue of the 1992 Olympic opening ceremony.

It has a history of hosting football matches too, with city rivals Espanyol playing at the stadium up until 2009.

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