BangBet taps affiliates to grow its sports betting platform

Monday, May 10th, 2021 19:44 |
BangBet Training.

Local betting company BangBet has launched a series of training programs in an effort to bring on board affiliates who will be key towards driving the service closer to sports enthusiasts who wish to wager on team performances.

The affiliate marketing program has been growing by day, where since 2015, revenue from affiliate marketing programs have experienced a 10 per cent growth annually.

The projections have been on this impressive trend and are expected to continue at least until 2022, according to Statista’s research in the United States.

Speaking during a training program for 102 agents over the weekend, BangBet Kenya Marketing Director Kelvin Maundu noted that: “We are providing our affiliates with a perfect opportunity to earn an extra coin or two especially during these tough times when people have lost jobs.

These training clinics are aimed at bringing them up to speed with all the products the company has and also share on ideas they can use to reach more potential clients.”

Not only Affiliates Marketing is growing fast, but it is already a massive global industry.

In 2018 it was worth over 12 billion US dollars, with the United States of America and the European Union leading the way. Africa isn’t being left behind either.

With the economies taking massive dip due to the effects of COVID-19, Kenyans have found new ways of making some extra cash.

This comes just in time when most businesses are moving into the online space. The betting industry is slowly becoming one of the biggest online businesses in Kenya.

BangBet Marketing Director during the partner on boarding training.

Affiliate Marketing is also taking shape in the industry since betting companies are now using this mode to acquire customers for their businesses.

BangBet Partner Program pays its partners a commission once they are able to on board a customer.

“Affiliates earn a total one-off fee of up to Sh 20 per a user who signs up and places a bet on the BangBet platform.

They then get to earn a lifetime commission of 15 per cent on revenue the company generated from each invited user,” noted Maundu.

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