Bahati gifts singer Denno a car

Thursday, October 31st, 2019 18:12 |

Singer and EMB boss Kevin Bahati brought singer Dennis Karanja aka Denno to tears after gifting him a car, his first ever.

In a video released by EMB Records, Bahati and his wife Diana Marua surprise Denno and his wife as they hand them a blue Toyota car.

This comes a week after Denno, who is visually impared, appeared on Bahati’s weekly vlog, Bahati Reality, where he opened up saying people ridiculed him whenever he boarded public transport.

“You don’t know what you guys have done, I can’t forget this gesture in my whole life. Yaani siwezi sahau nyinyi ndo watu mmenitoka kwa Matatu. Each and every time nikiona hii gari nitakuwa nakumbuka I have to work hard; nitakuwa nakumbuka I have a reason to wake up every morning kutoka nje kutafutia mtoi wangu na wife wangu. God awainue sana,” Denno said.

Bahati posted on Instagram: “Tears as #denno receives his first car ever. Since last week’s episode of #bahatireality I have had sleepless nights thinking of how @dennomusic has had embarrassing moments in matatus because since his first hit song, his life has never transformed. But no matter the fights I go through after helping different artistes, God has still given me a burden to make sure I don't stop until the African child is inspired. And today, I cannot believe that @dennomusic dream of owning a car has come true. Thank you to all my fans for supporting and believing in me since day one.”

Denno is known for his hit Mbona, a collabo with Daddy Owen, where he sings about the challenges he has had to go through due to his impairment. He has also collaborated with Bahati in Story Yangu.

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