Bad girls make their heaven here on earth

Monday, December 6th, 2021 15:05 |

Society defines good girls as women who know nothing about sex. Good girls fake mourns and orgasms all in the name of bolstering
their husbands’ egos.

They do not have to enjoy sex as they would rather go to heaven instead. Good girls wait for their cheating husbands with a hot bowl of soup and a kind word, as they are grateful that the man came home in the wee hours of the morning instead of not at all.

They never complain or criticise their man. He can do no wrong.
Bad girls will never see the gates of heaven, not by a mile. They, therefore, make their heaven here on earth.

While good girls will go to heaven, bad girls live in heaven.
They own their pleasure and have a surfeit of sex toys to manipulate themselves in to different levels of heaven.

They never fake anything for a man, or woman. They know it is not up to them to bolster egos.

They are much like men, taking pleasure, however they want, wherever they want, whenever they want. Ever heard of a man faking an

What I am saying is that society and the patriarchy try to control what women can and cannot do, as they know how powerful a force sex is.

The whole idea behind classifying women as either good or
bad stems from a need to control and police women.

Men have drummed it into us that sex is not for sale. They know how powerful a force sex is so they level the playing fi by claiming that sex should be free.

This is why men exchange sex tips at bars. They know that if they do it right, they can have any girl hooked to their little fi .

But women have the power of choice. You can choose to decentre men from your pleasure and choose to have sex when you want, with whomever you want, free from the labels of a saint or good girl or
bad girl.

It is, however, important to practice safe sex. Remember that Wangu wa Makeri, a renowned chief, was dethroned for falling pregnant.

Remember that there are deadly diseases worse than a bro- ken heart or keeping a man.

Leave the man who insists that the proof of love is in going raw. And while at it, remember to never give out sex for free either.

It is not something you hand out at a bar to the person who buys you and your girls mzinga.

It is always given in exchange for something, whether it is in exchange for toe- curling pleasure or to hear the words forever.

Decide whether you want your heaven here and now or later in the next

Honestly, I do not think you have to choose. You can have both.

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