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Axed Nairobi Hospital boss ‘won’t give up’

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 00:00 |
Dr Allan Pamba.

The never-ending game of musical chairs at the Nairobi Hospital’s corner office continues unabated with differences over multi-billion shilling tenders taking centre stage.

The ouster of former CEO Gordon Odundo and more recently his successor Dr Allan Pamba were all characterised by interests that threaten the future of country’s premier health facility.

Pamba has now claimed that the hospital’s chairman extended his probation period but he declined, which led to the current impasse. He accuses the board chairman Irungu Ndirangu of forcing him to advertise unnecessary tenders.

“With pharmacies to fill, medical equipment, oxygen and many other needs, the facility is a huge procurement centre that has attracted vicious wars for the control of the hospital,” an official who works for the facility said.

Odundo was suspended and fired following an audit of the hospitals tender processes.

Pamba, has however blamed vested interest in procurement for his exit.

Pamba is, however, fighting for his job, saying court had ruled that the status quo remain after he was sent packing when his probation period ended in September.

Six months

He now wants the facility’s chairman Irungu Ndirangu jailed for six months for replacing him despite obtaining a court order stopping the process.In a petition certified as urgent, Pamba said Ndirangu proceeded to appoint James Nyamongo as the CEO.

Pamba, obtained the order on December 4, stopping the primer hospital from advertising the position, pending the determination of his case. He said the order is still valid as it has not been set aside.

Pamba was recruited in March for the three year contract. However, when the six-month probationary period was about to expire in September, the chairman and vice chairman Chris Bichage saidPamba should have his probation period extended.

Furious, Pamba said he should be fired or hired. He got his answer in the former.

According to an insider, though Pamba was not excellent, his performance was reasonably credible, adding that he just needed time to adjust to the new role.

“We got to a stage in September where there was growing disharmony and chairman and vice just wanted him out,” the official who requested anonymity added.

Five other members of the board objected to the decision, saying it was the responsibility of the full board to make such a decision. Some board members questioned the manner in which the process was conducted.

Project proposals

Pamba says he had rejected some project proposals from the chairman and this has put him in trouble.

He said he turned down a proposal to procure security equipment such as CCTV cameras, saying the hospital does not have a problem with the existing security installations.

He also questioned the manner in which the engineering company that set up the Covid-wing was given the tender.

The firm chosen for the job, he says was not in the top five qualified applicants.

Ndirangu refused to be quoted in this article and referred Business Hub to the management of the hospital. However, calls to the office of  Nyamongo, went unanswered.

The case will be concluded next month with lawyer Paul Muite claiming his client is winning the case.

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