Award-winning Kenyan Afro rap and dancehall gospel artiste

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Award-winning Kenyan Afro rap and dancehall gospel artiste GUARDIAN ANGEL.

Award-winning Kenyan Afro rap and dancehall gospel artiste GUARDIAN ANGEL has become a household name, thanks to his groovy music. He’s also a fashion enthusiast with a striking sense of style. He chats with ADALLA ALLAN about his fashion style

Your new jam Nibariki is really dope, what’s it all about?

Well, the song talks about my life. I was raised in a struggling family and since my childhood, I have prayed to God to put me in a position where I can help the needy.

To this extent, I have made a tough decision to trade my one and only Mercedes Benz C200, just to contribute to a children’s home somewhere in Nairobi.

What can you say about the striking fashion sense you exhibit on the video?

Many of my fans define me as a man of suits, which is true, but on the Nibariki video, I had to break the monotony and being that I wanted to match the song to the proximity of the video shoot, it would only make sense if I was dressed in simple smart casual.

How has your look contributed to your star-rankings in music? 

Fashion and music go hand-in-hand and the fans would feel more pleased by an artiste who does well not only in music, but also when it comes to dressing. As an artiste, you really don’t have an option, but to up your game on wardrobe matters for you to look the part.

Describe your style.

Basically, I am a lover of official wear and a bit of casual once in a while. I have a thing for suits since they make one look classy and set some sort of standards, especially for gospel artistes.

How does your style challenge your personality and lifestyle?

My style challenges me to look like the person that I want to be. I get inspired to work hard to achieve my life’s desires and be the person I work so hard to be. 

On which music video do you feel you dressed the best so far?

The official outfit on the Jina La Yesu video was just fire! I would rate it the best so far; the designer did it justice. 

What inspires your daily looks?

It depends on the occasion and what I am going to do for the day. When going for performances, I predominantly opt for smart casual and suits when attending an official meeting or a media interview. 

What’s your general fashion advice to men?

Some men lack the taste and understanding of the art of dressing. Some of us will go for an expensive outfit that does not look good on us just because they saw an individual  ‘killing the outfit’, forgetting we have different body types. We tend to be ignorant about learning our body types and so, we need to acquaint ourselves with what works for us before hitting that store.  

Do you have a personal designer or you are the ‘do it yourself’ type?

I have a designer called Bolo Bespoke. He is the mastermind behind the suits and the official designs in my videos. Due to my passion for fashion, I also have a clothes shop called Clad 7 in Umoja.

How can an outfit affect somebody’s personality? 

An outfit defines someone’s confidence. If you are not well dressed, your confidence is perpetually low and vice versa. 

What’s your favourite cologne?

One Million or Royal Blue.

What’s the most expensive fashion item in your wardrobe?

A pair of shoes that cost me Sh12,000.

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