Author: Sylvia Wakhisi

Ten strategies to prevent heart disease, stroke

Reading Time: 3 minutes Go nuts A healthy diet can help protect your heart, improve your blood pressure and cholesterol, and reduce your risk […]

How Isiolo farmer is making a kill from ornamental birds

Reading Time: 3 minutes Japhet Mwenda  rears d ifferent varieties of the landscaping animals for commercial purposes, a venture that earns him up to […]

Economist sealing the financial literacy gap

Reading Time: 3 minutes For many people, the topic on financial awareness is one that is normally given a wide berth. Many people shy […]

How time apart cements long-term relationships

Reading Time: 3 minutes The whole essence of any romantic relationship, whether dating or even married is to be together, right? Lovers want to […]

Memory loss, one childbirth scar I carry

Reading Time: 4 minutes Motherhood for Ruth vusaka  came at a huge price; from two miscarriages, memory loss and low blood pressure to her […]

Remaining relevant to my kids as a busy mum

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every parent desires to mould their children into well-mannered, responsible and dependable individuals. But they rarely have time for that. […]

Remaining relevant to my children as a busy mother

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nurturing and bringing up children in this era of massive globalisation and technological expansion, when many parents have jobs and […]

Parenting: Sleepless nights, baby screams bonded us

Reading Time: 3 minutes The birth of a child is one of the most exciting and joyous events for many parents. At the same […]