Author: Samson Osero

Pato fights against retirement amid mind-boggling worries

Reading Time: 3 minutes For the second time after lunch, Richard Lemate, CEO Ben’s Office Assistant, did not find Pato in his office. Richard […]

Pato’s laziness makes CEO regret promoting him

Reading Time: 4 minutes For two consecutive weeks, Pato had procrastinated writing an internal audit report on luggage delivery services. Whenever CEO Ben reminded […]

Pato pulls out full bag of tricks to frustrate external consultant’s report

Reading Time: 4 minutes After partisan hurdles in the procurement process, Trulogic in early August finally hired Doris Bengato, the Managing Consultant of Time […]

Pato proves the proverbial cat after refusing relocation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Six months after a strategy meeting, Trulogic board approved CEO Ben’s expansion strategy, he embarked on establishing a new branch […]

Pato fails staff at their time of greatest need

Reading Time: 4 minutes After a long frantic search for a driver from one of the marginalised counties, Pato finally employed Enos Tomoke. He […]

Retraining and retooling call drives Pato and his driver nuts

Reading Time: 4 minutes During one of his monthly town hall meetings with employees, CEO Ben announced that Trulogic was to diversify its business. […]

How to handle colleagues undermining you at work

Reading Time: 4 minutes The workplace is anchored on the purpose of the organisation, bringing together people who work there, and the workplace process […]

Stop sitting on the fence and curve your career path

Reading Time: 4 minutes At most workplaces, employees are stealthily categorised as “watchers” and “waiters” by the bosses. They openly describe the few who […]