Author: Rebecca Mutiso

Kenyans likely to be happier if BBI proposal sails through

Reading Time: 3 minutes As debate on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) rages, a proposal that has been drowned by the din on the […]

How I turned soap into a tool against ailments

Reading Time: 3 minutes For the last 20 years, Dr Myriam Assa Sidibe has been waging a war on diseases such as diarrhoea and […]

NGO boss feted for saving play grounds from land grabbers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Amnesty International Kenya chairperson Renee Ngamau has been feted for her efforts to defend public playing grounds and open spaces. […]

Animal rights crusader calls for mass rabies jab for dogs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rebecca Mutiso @rebeccamutheu1 An animal rights organisation wants the government to carry out a mass vaccination programme for dogs to […]

Covid stress pushing more people to suicide

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rebecca Mutiso @rebeccamutheu1 At least 370 people have committed suicide in Kenya in the last six months, pointing to the […]

Child online sex predators on the loose in Covid era

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cases of online exploitation of children have gone up six times, since the outbreak of Covid-19, exposing the stark reality […]

Equity scholars fly to high-end global colleges

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Joshua Ochieng talks about his journey to joining Harvard University, the excitement in his voice is palpable. Ochieng had […]

How law ushered State, Church, civil society into unholy trinity

Reading Time: 4 minutes Rebecca Mutiso @rebeccamutheu1 Voices of the Church and the civil society before the enactment of the Constitution in 2010, were […]