Author: Faith Kyoumukama

Meet Filbert Mkwiche, a fashion designer who is popular for his themed dress up parties

Reading Time: 3 minutes What prompted you to get into fashion?  I draw my style inspiration from my parents whom are very fashionable. When […]

There’s no experience that beats having a barbecue in the breathtaking Masai Mara over a beer

Reading Time: 2 minutes This year, my hodophile batteries are only 10 per cent used up, and that is thanks to a bush trip […]

Homely ambience and tasty delicacies

Reading Time: 2 minutes The other day on a beautiful sunny afternoon, I decided to foodie shop for you readers. Well, the sun nowadays […]

An evening of Salsa, food and good vibes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Can you salsa, or do you have two left feet like some foodies I know? Not pointing fingers. Recently I  […]

Brunch is back: Pastime is resuming after a long hiatus occasioned by Covid-19 pandemic

Reading Time: 2 minutes Foodies, if there is one thing I had missed, was brunch. It paused through most restaurants in town, but I […]

Against complications brought about by Covid, Kenyans donated 203,000 pints of blood as at July 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes Brenda Nurua is a frequent blood donor, but because of the technicalities surrounding the pandemic, she has since been deterred […]

What’s cooking across the border?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Kenya has managed to pass laws that address sexual and gender-based violence-related cases.  The Sexual Offenses Act 2006 indicates what […]

Why teen mums need mental health care

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last year, as the country fought to flatten the Covid-19 curve, another crisis was looming— teenage pregnancies.  The pandemic resulted […]