Author: Betty Muindi

Athi River Smart Green City partners with Dubai-based advisor

Reading Time: 2 minutes Betty Muindi @BettyMuindi The Athi River Smart Green City project has onboarded Dubai-based real estate investor Hilshaw Group as an […]

Trends set to transform the construction industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes A landscaping architect and a project management professional, Moses Mwangi speaks about emerging shifts in the built environment, challenges, incremental […]

Ten lies we tell doctors

Reading Time: 3 minutes 1. I quit smoking Lying about smoking can change how your doctor treats you for disease such as bronchitis. Bronchitis […]

Cracking co-parenting puzzle for kids’ sake

Reading Time: 3 minutes Betty Muindi @BettyMuindi Following Father’s Day events the weekend of June 21, social media platforms were filled with emotional messages, […]

Protecting women’s reproductive health during Corona crisis

Reading Time: 5 minutes Betty Muindi @BettyMuindi “Three years ago when I was 14, I got pregnant for our landlord. He raped me while […]

After a devastating birth injury, hope

Reading Time: 3 minutes Betty Muindi @BettyMuindi While everyone else was ringing in the New Year, watching fireworks all night, tucking into tasty meals with […]

Ten ways to encourage your child to eat right

Reading Time: 3 minutes As family routines continue to change following Covid-19 pandemic, we may be finding ourselves snacking more, exercising less, and relying […]

Inside a hoarder’s mind…

Reading Time: 4 minutes Media has been replete with Covid-19 stories of people clearing supermarket shelves, stockpiling on tissue paper, sanitisers and food items. […]