Aukot laughs off summons to attend Thirdway Alliance disciplinary meet

Friday, August 28th, 2020 00:00 |
Dr Ekuru Aukot.

Thirdway Alliance party leader Dr Ekuru Aukot has laughed off his suspension on Wednesday and summons to appear for discipline next Friday.

Aukot said he saw no need to attend a disciplinary meeting being pushed by members whose suspension from the party has not been lifted yet.

“First, I will not honour such an invite by a Committee that was established by a National Executive Council (NEC) meeting that was not convened properly.

Secondly, it is not possible for me to honour such an invitation by people who were suspended from the party on disciplinary grounds,” he said after the party’s disciplinary committee wrote to him.

Aukot said as the party leader, he will summon a proper NEC meeting today at the headquarters where some key changes are expected to be announced.

He dismissed Wednesday’s NEC meeting as a sham and an illegality. Party Secretary General, Fred Okang’o led the NEC meeting, which also gagged Aukot from transacting any business pertaining to Thirdway Alliance, and asked him not to step at the party headquarters until he is cleared by the disciplinary committee.

“How can they stop me from accessing my office? This is my legal chambers. I have only hosted the party there since 2016 because I am its chief spokesperson,” he added.

Aukot accused the proponents of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) of the problems facing Thirdway Alliance including Ford Kenya and Amani National Congress, which are also in leadership crisis.

“The moment you don’t sing the BBI tune, your party becomes a target,” he said.

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