Auctioneers descend on Ngirici home, cart away household goods

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 08:00 |
Kirinyaga Women representative Purity Ngirici. PHOTO/COURTESY

Auctioneers yesterday descended on the residence of Kirinyaga Women representative Purity Ngirici and carted away household goods worth millions of shillings over a debt owed to an airline.

Flex Air Charter, has been demanding Sh5 million from Ngirici over services offered during the 2017 election campaign period.

The auctioneers raided the MP’s palatial home in the leafy Karen suburb early morning and immediately started removing household goods after serving the MP with the court order.

A spokesperson from the NCS Auctioneers told the People Daily that they were acting on court orders.

“We have already executed the orders and recovered all the households. There was arbitration but the MP refused to corporate,” said the officials who did not want to be named.

Ngirici who talked to the People Daily later said the matter had been resolved after she deposited the Sh5 million in dispute.

“As far as I am concerned, I don’t owe them any money which they are claiming to have accrued since 2017. They claim the debt is for parking, fueling and servicing of a helicopter that I used in my 2017 campaigns,” she said.

The MP said the company went to court without informing her and the case was determined ex-parte’, adding that she was not aware of the issue until she saw the auctioneers descending on her homestead at around midday.

“The auctioneers descended on my residence and took away all the households including a Sh2 million television set,” she said.

“Because I wanted to save my items, I decided to deposit the cash with the court as I move to court for an appeal,” she disclosed.

The MP, an ally of Deputy President William Ruto, blamed the incident on her political enemies for her support for the latter especially a statement she made in Naivasha over the weekend.

“The whole thing is political; these were my enemies at play. The statement I made over the weekend has really touched them,” she said.

Ngirici stirred political waters with her multi-million land and aerial campaigns in the county. The first-timer used choppers to traverse the county and won the Woman Rep seat with a landslide.

Her lawyer Irungu Kanga’ta confirmed a cheque for the amount in question had been deposited with the court and that his client was free to take back her items.

“It was a matter of misunderstanding and it has been resolved,” Kanga’ta said.

Flex Air Charter that rents out aircraft had demanded that Ngirici and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho clear their outstanding debt owed to it failure to which it would seek legal redress.

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