Atwoli ‘re-elected’ as COTU boss after locking out Panyako

Friday, April 9th, 2021 11:29 |
COTU Boss Francis Atwoli. PHOTO/COURTESY

The Central Organization of Trade Unions in Kenya (COTU-K) Secretary General Francis Atwoli has been 're-elected' for another five years, after locking out nurses union from the election.

Atwoli shared his re-election news on his Twitter account where he thanked trade unions for bestowing trust upon him.

"I want to thank all Kenyan workers for re-electing me unopposed through their registered Trade Union Representatives, as the Secretary General of @COTU_K. I promise to service you with all my mighty and strength and not betray the trust you have bestowed in me(sic)," said Francis Atwoli.

Atwoli who has been at the helm of COTU leadership for 20 years now was contesting against the Kenya National Union of Nurses Secretary General Seth Panyako. Atwoli, however, said KNUN is not listed among the participating unions.

Panyako expressed dissatisfaction in the election exercise accusing Atwoli of using unorthodox means to dominate and win the election.

Panyako said Atwoli pushed to block the nurses union KNUN from the election.

In reply, Atwoli said KNUN cannot participate in the election.

“As part of the requirements by Cotu constitution, we have obtained a letter from the labour commissioner’s office listing unions that have since met this requirement and KNUN is not listed to be among the unions whose elections have since been completed,” Atwoli said in the letter.

Atwoli will head Cotu for another five-year term.

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