Athletes’ Sacco likely to be adopted at end of conference

Friday, December 6th, 2019 00:00 |
Athletics Kenya president Jackson Tuwei at the Athletes’ Annual Conference in Eldoret, yesterday. Photo/PD/EMMANUEL MASINDE

Athletics Kenya (AK) president Jack Tuwei has disclosed that measures have been put to start an athletes’ savings and credit cooperative society (Sacco) after the ongoing conference in Eldoret.

The idea,  he said,  is being discussed in detail with all parties involved with a decision to be made tomorrow.

“As AK we have plans and ideas on how we think the Sacco should be constituted. But we don’t want it to appear as though we are forcing decisions on anybody. The decision should be made as one of the resolutions from the Second Annual Athletes Conference,” said Tuwei at a media briefing in Eldoret. 

Athletes’ welfare

The AK boss said doping issues were discussed widely as a matter of priority, as well as the welfare of athletes.

“Most of the young people tend to spend all they have without sparing some for the future. We want to remind them that is good to save now while they still can. 

Besides, the idea (of a welfare) will help our athletes develop a saving culture,” he said.

The Sacco will also look into athletes’ contractual issues and help settle disputes such as delayed release of prize money, contracts skewed to the advantage of managers and also help finance budding athletes’ travel for competitions abroad through the offering of loans that, for instance, can be offset against prize money.

Coaching and training programmes could also get some attention from such an organisation.

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