Armed soldiers kill 11 in Myanmar at anti-junta protests

Friday, April 9th, 2021 01:00 |
Anti-coup protesters defy junta warning in Myanmar. Photo/File

A powerful picture has emerged as a fearless Afghan woman standing face-to-face as a Taliban armed man points a gun at her chest.

This was one of the many compelling images that emerged from the protests in Kabul on Tuesday.

The Taliban fired shots into the air to disperse hundreds of people who had gathered at several rallies on the streets.

The photo was posted by Zahra Rahimi, a Tolo News journalist.

"An Afghan woman fearlessly stands face-to-face with a Taliban armed man who pointed his gun to her chest," Rahimi said.

Hundreds of Afghan protesters, including women wearing hijab, took to the streets of Kabul on Tuesday chanting "death to Pakistan" and denouncing Islamabad's interference as well as airstrikes by its jets in Panjshir province in support of the Taliban.

An estimated crowd of between 300 and 500 people, many of whom were women who were wearing hijab, participated in the protest.

The demonstrators gathered after Ahmad Masoud, the co-leader of the resistance front in Panjshir province, in a voice clip called on people of Afghanistan to resurrect against the Taliban.

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