Archbishop Ole Sapit urges politicians to respect court judgment on BBI

Saturday, August 21st, 2021 12:52 |
Ack Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit (left) ,Bishop Moses Masamba (ACK Mbeere Diocese) and Mbeere South MP Geoffrey Kingangi. PHOTO/BRIAN MALILA

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya Jackson Ole Sapit has urged political leaders to respect the decision made on Friday by the appellate court.

Sapit said ruling was a landmark for the country and showed that Kenya is a country that respects the rule of the law.

Speaking in Embu County where he laid a foundation stone for the construction of a commercial building for Mbeere Diocese in Embu town, Sapit said the court can make such decision independently because it is an arm of government working on its own.

He called for the support and respect of the Judiciary so that it can continue serving Kenyans independently and responsibly.

"As a church, we have been in the forefront saying that we need strong institutions which are fully supported by everybody," said Sapit.

Sapit urged political leaders to embrace sobriety in their quest to look for political seats.

The Archbishop called on leaders to avoid undermining each other, calling names to each other and avoid individualizing subject matter while looking for votes.

Mbeere South Member of Parliament Geoffrey King'ang'i said that BBI had no agenda to better lives of Kenyans but it was for the few leaders.

King'ang'i pointed out that the money which had been set aside to facilitate the BBI should now be trickled to the residents to lift up their businesses which were adversely affected by Covid 19.

"BBI is unconstitutional and it has no face of common man, it had no plan to solve the problems facing Kenyans, the decision by the appellate court is totally welcome and celebrated," said King'ang'i.

King'ang'i urged the proponents of the BBI not to move to the supreme court to challenge the appellate court decision because that will completely be west of time.

Instead, he urged Kenyans to unite and move forward.

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