April 1st deadline unrealistic…

Thursday, April 1st, 2021 00:00 |
The current situation at the 30,000-seater Jomo Kenyatta International Stadium in Momboleo, Kisumu that was to be completed by April 1, 2021, when People Sport visited yesterday. Photo/PD/VIOLA KOSOME

Edwin Otieno

Works at the 30,000-seater Jomo Kenyatta International Stadium at the Mamboleo Showground in the outskirts of Kisumu town cannot be completed by today’s deadline.

According to a spot check conducted by People Sport yesterday, the works at the facility that is expected to cost Sh 350 million by the time it’s completed, is currently at around 70 per cent complete.

The playing surface has grass planted on it and it may be ready to play on in a bout two months time.

The tartan track is yet to be placed, though the racing track has been constructed and no seats nor roofs have been placed on the terraces.

When President Uhuru Kenyatta visited the facility late last year for the official ground breaking, he had ordered that the job be finished by April 1 for the facility to host ‘Mashemeji Derby’ between Premier League sides Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards during the opening ceremony, but that will not be achievable.

Workers at the facility were working round the clock to ensure that despite to meeting the Presidential directive, they finish the job before so long.

Welding of frames to support the terraces roofs and seats was on going and the car parking area was also being constructed.

“I can say we are 70 per cent through, but clearly the facility will not be ready by April 1 the way the President directed.

The flow of our work has partly been affected by rains in the area, but the progress is not so bad,” said a construction worker at the sight who sought anonymity.

He added: “We are mainly remaining with the terraces, constructing a septic tank and the car parking and we will be good to go.”

The stadium is set to have facilities for football, rugby, tennis, hockey among other disciplines.

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