AP officers demand a thorough probe into shooting of colleague in Ruaka

Monday, November 25th, 2019 00:00 |
Slain AP Constable Daniel Etiang. PD/FILE

This abnormal but dangerous incident that happened in Mombasa last week shows the lengths some police officers will go to just to land that filthy note in their pockets.

In a career-ending move replete with carelessness and disregard to public safety, an Administration Police officer was captured on video drawing a gun and demanding bribe from a boda boda operator.

So daring was the daylight incident that Deputy President William Ruto’s attention was drawn to it.

Coast Regional Police Commander Rashid Yakub says the errant AP has since been fired and will be arraigned in court shortly.

The footage of the police officer drawing his gun on charcoal vendors caused a national uproar, with Kenyans lamenting the rot in the Police service.

In the video filmed in Magarini, two boda boda operators ferrying charcoal are seen arguing and shouting at an AP officer who kept shouting “Nipe pesa! (Give me the money).”

Boda boda operators gang up and try to rough up the police officer who swiftly pulls out his gun.

The charcoal sellers comply. The brawl lasts for several minutes

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