Anxiety over Moi’s health but aides say he is stable

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019 22:12 |

There was growing concern today about retired President Daniel arap Moi health, even as aides maintained the 95-year old was alert and responding to treatment.

Kenya’s second president is battling an undisclosed condition at The Nairobi Hospital’s VIP Ward located at the northern wing of the facility.

Though sources at the hospital intimated to People Daily that Moi was in a critical state, his spokesman Lee Njiru said he was “alert and conscious of his environment.”

Njiru castigated sections of the media, who he accused of blowing the issue out of proportion.

In a statement, Njiru who has served the former President for more than 40 years, expressed displeasure about reports about Moi’s health.

“The true position is that Mzee Moi is in hospital being attended to by a professional medical team led by his physician, Dr David Silverstein. He is alert and conscious of his surroundings,” Njiru said.

Njiru urged the media to “only publish medical bulletins issued through the legally established official channel.”

Tight security

“The family is extremely thankful and grateful to all Kenyans and well-wishers from abroad for their prayers and speedy recovery messages, “ Njiru said. 

Last evening, the Moi family remained guarded over his exact health condition.  Only close family members were allowed to visit him at the hospital where security had been heightened.

Baringo senator Gideon Moi is said to have remained at his father’s bedside since his admission last weekend.

Independent sources at the Nairobi Hospital said that though the former president had been transferred from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), his condition was still “critical”.

“Though he is out of the ICU, the old man’s health remains critical and a matter of concern,” said one doctor at the hospital who did not want to be named.

According to sources, Moi was rushed to the hospital last Saturday after his health deteriorated. 

He had been admitted at the same facility a few weeks earlier after he reportedly developed breathing problems.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is said to have paid his predecessor a visit on Sunday.

Yesterday, Kanu secretary general Nick Salat sought to downplay Moi’s condition, saying “there is no cause for alarm”. 

Salat, who is a close ally of Senator Moi, dismissed as “mere falsehoods and propaganda” reports that the former president had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit as his breathing problem worsened.

“Mzee is doing well... I was there on Monday and he was responding well,” Salat told People Daily on phone.

Salat said Moi has been enjoying robust health, putting into consideration his advanced age. 

“Moi is in high spirits. For a man of his age, I can tell you, Mzee is blessed,” he said.

Asked whether Moi, who ruled with an iron fist between 1978-2002, was able to recognise people around him, Salat replied: “Absolutely!” “He’s not in ICU. It’s only because the ward is restricted that is why some people are coming up with rumours,” he said.Another source told People Daily his condition had improved significantly. “He is recovering,” he said. 

Moi has not been seen in public in a long time and skipped functions at his Kabarak home, including the funeral service of his first-born son, Jonathan in April.

Senator Moi read a speech on his behalf in the event held at Kabarak Universty Graduation Square.

Although he later attended Jonathan’s burial at Kabimoi in Eldama Ravine, Moi did not disembark from his vehicle.

Although he enjoyed robust health for the better part of his 24-year rule, he was first admitted in hospital in 2006 after his car was involved in an accident in Limuru on the Nakuru-Nairobi highway.

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