Antony Riungu: local leader makes difference in Maara Constituency

Friday, May 28th, 2021 00:00 |

Every constituency needs a leader who cares about the community and has proven it time and time again over the years.A leader who has made a difference in the lives of many in silence and brought change to the community in Maara.

For years now Anthony Riungu has been there helping the needy and the most vulrenable in society being a voice of the voiceless and a refuge for the weak.

He has stood with many in times of sorrow and the churches in Maara can attest to this.He has been a refuge to the orphans and widows in his community and his good work speaks for itself.

He has not only served the community at large he has served the church as well putting God first in everything he does.

He is known among church members as a servant leader and a God fearing man and he has come to prove this over the years.

He has not only helped the helpless but he has helped bring development too to Maara constituency as well.

He has helped countless homesteads get access to clean water and electricity.

During this Covid period he has fed countless families and supported those who couldn't return to schools because their parents had lost their jobs.

He has helped farmers and live stock farmers get markets for their food and set up irrigation schemes for them as well so that they can sustain themselves economically.He also got funding for them as well.

He has paid school fees for countless students who have been locked out of the bursary programme in the county.

He has helped distribute food to families that are hunger stricken due to the weather conditions and also circumstances brought about by Covid 19.

He was among the first few who stepped out when Covid 19 broke out and distributed masks and sanitizers to the most vulrenable members of the society.

He has set up and supported farmer groups and cooperatives for several years now and has shown time and time again that he cares and is truly dedicated to the people through his actions and his acts of kindness and compassion.

It is up to the for the people of Maara to chose a leader they can trust a leader full of honesty and integrity.A leader like Anthony Muriithi Maara.

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