America’s astounding Third World-type election

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 00:00 |
Former US President Donald Trump. Photo/COURTESY

The most astounding election was held by the Americans this month, pitting incumbent President, Donald Trump, a Republican, and his Democratic Party challenger, Joe Biden.

What was most notable for this election is that it went down the way of most elections held in Third World countries, complete with allegations of election irregularities and voter fraud.

Finally, the Third World culture of winning elections at all costs seems to have arrived at the shores of the US- and it is ugly to watch.

Vote dumps

Many untoward things happened. States were still counting ballots seven days after the election date on November 3, as tension and suspicions rose in the US. Sounds familiar?

Nevada, a State with 3 million voters, took seven days to complete tallying, while Texas with 22.7 million voters declared results after 24 hours.

In Georgia, a vote counting machine allegedly  switched 6,000 ballots for Trump to Biden. Hmmm.

There were documented cases of dead people who voted. In a scene straight out of a Third World playbook, a pipe burst at a counting centre in Atlanta caused the vote counting exercise to be suspended for hours.

In several critical States, voting was inexplicably halted in the wee hours of the morning after the voting day, and only resumed later in the day, with a radically changed trajectory for the candidates. 

In several others, there were as yet unexplained vote dumps of tens of thousands of ballots that were just for one candidate. 

In several States, ballots were mailed out enmasse to all voters registered on voters rolls, whether they requested them or not.

Marked as well as unmarked ballots have been found strewn across the country in places like parking lots, garbage bins etc. Crazy.

Traditionally, the US President is called within 24 hours of voting day.

In the meantime, all major media networks and the big tech companies, Google, Twitter and Facebook, have censored or blocked the sharing of all news and stories that do not fit the narrative they are pushing.

It’s interesting, but maybe not surprising, that all the irregularities seem to have benefitted only one candidate- Joe Biden.

Clearly, the election in that country is far from over, and nobody can really predict when it will all end.

Trump has launched multiple legal challenges in several States where the battle for the presidency hinges.

Already, a hand recount of all ballots in Georgia is underway, and the Carter Centre has sent a team to observe the exercise.

Georgia has already been declared for Biden, a win he carried by a razor-thin margin.

It is now clear that US electoral systems can be manipulated, and has systemic flaws it needs to deal with, the very things that the United States Agency for International Development spends millions of dollars annually to assist other countries address. 

Americans are clearly in for a roller-coaster ride in the next few weeks of nail-biting anxiety- as the legal battles- accompanied by extremely irresponsible and partisan rhetoric from the major media networks- wind their way through the courts.

The first stress test is coming in the next four or so days, when the hand recount in Georgia is expected to be completed.  If that recount flips Georgia from Biden to trump, all bets are off.

Be ready for a Third World type meltdown, complete with post-election violence and possibly internally displaced persons. What is not in doubt is that you count out Trump at your own peril! [email protected]

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