Ambassador McCarter to bring US investors to Kiambu

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 11:24 |
US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter and Kiambu Governor James Nyoro

The United States has pledged to strengthen the relationship with Kenya and to make her a reliable trade partner besides giving aids.

Speaking on a tour to Kiambu County, the U.S ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter said Washington DC will sign a direct trade agreement with Nairobi and entice investors into the country.

“The United States is very thankful for the relationship with Kenya and my vision is that in the next decade Kenya is going to go from not just being a beneficiary of foreign aid but a benefactor for east Africa. I believe that Kenya will go from aid to trade because in a friendship the best thing you can do for one another is to set people free, not to dominate, not to control, not to enslave but to get freedom,” said Kyle.

He said that the U.S is committed to seeing Kenya become self-reliant and not depend on donors.

“The way we do that is we invest in each other. The way we do that is to give the hardworking people of Kenya an opportunity to work. That means we invest,” said Kyle.

Kyle added that they picked Kiambu first because of its exemplary leadership, opportunities and the hardworking people who the U.S believe will be good stewards of investment.

“We do not want to bring American investors to places where there is no trust in leadership.  We want to bring Americans to places where there is good leadership that is why we picked Kiambu,’’ said Kyle.

He said the U.S and Kiambu are deciding on ground rules on how to do business and sign a free trade agreement.

“The free trade agreement is just letting everyone know of how we are going to do business transparently above board. Nothing will be done underneath, there will be no brown envelopes but there will be an honest discussion and agreement upon how we share, how we invest and then we are going to be accountable,” said Kyle.

He said that the American investor has to be transparent and any corrupt investor will be put in jail in the United States and fined millions of dollars.

“I have a list of billions of dollars of investment that we are looking to bring to Kenya today,” he said.

Nyoro said it is a privilege for Kiambu to be identified by the U.S government as prosper county.

He said he has prioritized on health investment to streamline on service delivery and solve the influx of patients in Kiambu hospitals.

The governor said he is looking forward to investments in water and sanitation, solid waste management, and many others.

He said Kiambu has the highest dairy production and the investors can economically empower the farmers on good practices to increase profitability.

Nyoro also said Kiambu is looking for investors in Ruiru to put up affordable housing.

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