Always go for synthetic engine oil

Saturday, October 30th, 2021 00:00 |
Learn a thing or two about engine oil types and which to go for.

Mayfellow Waithaka

A few years ago, I was an avid cyclist. I used to enjoy going up and down mountains and rocky hillsides. Then life happened - I had to get a job and sell my soul to capitalism.

Recently, however, my fire is rekindled. First stop was at the bicycle mechanic’s yard, or porch, if we’re referencing size.

Naturally, I ask many questions, something the mechanic didn’t find particularly amusing – and it’s something I’ve witnessed in other fields as well; professionals who are happy to just do but not explain.

The other day, a friend asked me which oil she should use for her car, and asked what synthetic means.

The shocking part is, she has had the car for three years now; that means that every 5,000 kilometers in that period, ‘some oil’ was poured into her car and she didn’t know what it was.

Synthetic oil is as the name suggests – oil made artificially. In most cases, the base is still rooted in crude oil, but one that is refined to a significantly high level.

This alone doesn’t mean much, and the subject is broad and cannot certainly all be covered here. Still, here are some qualities and benefits:

Fewer emissions- Environmental protection is seemingly a reserve of the developed countries but apparently, using synthetic oil is playing your part, albeit downstream bottom.

Better fuel and oil economy- A car meant to use synthetic oil certainly performs poorly otherwise.

Reduced drag on the engine- Synthetic oils like a 5w-30 are light enough when you start the engine, reducing warm up period or eliminating it all together. It also performs better across temperatures, thanks to specific additives.

Helps clean sludge and deposits- Ordinarily, one has to flush the oil system to clear sludge every so often, before an oil change.

Synthetic oils reduce the sludge build up and even help clear existing one. The downside is the sludge could’ve been hiding some leaking parts in the engine. It’s an upside actually, depending on how far you are from home.

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