Airtel launches data, call bundles with no expiry

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 00:00 |

Customers in the mobile phone sector are set to benefit from improved data services that has seen telcos compete to give client value for their money.

Driven by the goal to offer more value to its customers, Airtel Kenya launched data and call rates with no expiry allowing them to spend as low as Sh1 for 5MB data. 

The company also revamped its entire data bundle offering to give more data for less.

Dubbed ‘BeSureNaAirtel’, the campaign is pegged on transparency with the offering attracting no additional cost.

Heavy users

Speaking at the launch, Airtel managing director Prasanta Das Sarma said:  “We are pleased to introduce no expiry dates for data and voice.

We have revamped our data bundles to cater for our heavy data users, by offering up to 100 per cent more data. These new offerings are based on emerging consumer insights and trends that show a substantial increase in data usage.”

The development comes a few months after  Safaricom launched a non-expiry data and airtime tariff that sees customers enjoy more internet at lower rates. 

The new data plan gives one the freedom to choose how much airtime you would like to convert to data, thereby enjoying flexible browsing. Industry experts believe the price wars in the sector will work well for the customer as prices for voice and data services shrink.

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