AfricanSupaman hits big with new jam, Medicine

Saturday, October 24th, 2020 08:21 |
Medicine hitmaker superman

The East African Legislative Assembly (Eala) is currently debating a bill that will shore up production and use of locally produced medicine among member states.

Introduced by Eala legislator Francine Rutazana, the Bill will boost the local pharmaceutical industry while improving availability of essential medicine.  

“Reliable access to affordable and quality medicines in East Africa remains a huge challenge since most of the medicines in the community are still paid for directly by citizens through out of pocket models,” said Rutazana.

Local production

“It is anticipated that one of the ways by which the community can both improve availability of essential medicines and their quality, is to promote and support local production.”

The bill aims to promote and boost medicines and pharmaceuticals produced in the EAC region, regulate good manufacturing practices and quality standards and ensure the mutual recognition of registration of medicines.

It will also promote preference for pharmaceuticals produced in the EAC during the public procurement processes.

EALA MP Gai Deng said ensuring access to medication was a key objective for sustainable development.

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