AFC Leopards chair Shikanda: Be wary of fake Ingwe masks

Monday, April 27th, 2020 00:00 |
AFC Leopards chairman Dan Shikanda during a past function. Photo/PD/DAVID NDOLO

AFC Leopards chairman Dan Shikanda has warned unscrupulous businessmen who are taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to swindle unsuspecting Kenyans using the club’s brand.

Speaking to People Sport over the phone, Shikanda revealed that he was aware some individuals were taking advantage of the massive following the club enjoys to produce counterfeit products aimed at keeping Kenyans safe and selling to them. 

“We have noticed some individuals and corporates profiteering from the goodwill and the brand the club has taken years to build. We will not just sit down and watch as people use our registered logo and the title, we want to make it clear that the club has not produced any face masks or authorised anyone to do so,” said Shikanda.

“My office is supporting the government and other stakeholders in putting the right measures in place to curb the disease and not after taking advantage of the situation to rob poor Kenyans who are badly hit economically by the virus,” he added.

“We are consulting with security agencies to tame and bring to book the individuals who are using the club to enrich themselves by producing counterfeit items without our consent,” said Shikanda.

The Leopards supremo said the disease struck at the wrong time when the team was hitting great form and when some corporate entities were showing willingness to partner with the team and offer financial support.

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