Domey faults Wajir County govt. over misappropriation of funds

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 00:00 |
Abdullahi Hassan Ali

Incoming Wajir south constituency member of parliament Hon Abdullahi Hassan popularly known as Domey has been in the frontline in the fight against corruption, injustices and misappropriation of funds by the current administration of Wajir county.

Domey has lately been advocating for the county government of Wajir led by governor Mohammed Abdi to be held accountable over misappropriation of funds meant for development and empowerment of the people of Wajir.

The celebrated youth leader asked Wajir county MCAs to wake up from the slumber, to attend to their mandate and follow the path of their counterparts in Kirinyaga and Kiambu counties to hold the current administration answerable to the massive misappropriation of tax payers money.

He said: "Wajir county government is messed beyond expectations and that change is vital for the residents of Wajir to realize their potential."

Domey is famous for championing and advocating for the rights of the people of Wajir.

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