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ABAK pokes holes on alcohol control Act

Thursday, January 28th, 2021 00:00 |
Wines and spirits shop. Photo/PD/file

Benard Sigei

The Alcohol Drinks Control Act 2010 is set to be tabled for amendment at Parliament through a Private Member’s Bill by Wundanyi MP Danson Mwakuwona.

The Bill proposes to limit packaging of alcoholic products in containers of 750 milliliters or more, guided by the rationale that this would reduce the misuse of alcohol.

Mwakuwona says this move is meant to cushion under age children from accessing alcoholic drinks.

“The Alcohol Drinks Control Act 2010 should be amended so that all alcohol should be packed in containers of 750 millimetres or above,” the MP said in a statement.

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However, the bill has received criticism from Alcohol Beverage Association Of Kenya (ABAK).

“If this bill passes the common mwananchi will suffer since most of them cannot afford to purchase alcohol packed in a 750 millimeter bottle and this will leave them with no choice but go for the contrabands ones from neighboring countries which might be illicit and unhealthy drinks,” Gordon Mutuga ABAK chairman said in a statement.

ABAK is concerned that by passing this law, it will make it difficult access alcohol at a time a large amount of bottles below 750 millimeters have already been manufactured.

This means, they will go to waste and many employees in the bottle manufacturing companies rendered jobless.

The chairman said that if passed, the Bill will be environment unfriendly because consumers, most of whom  can not afford the proposed packages, might be forced to use polyethylene terephthate (TEP) and tins, which are not environment friendly.

“The economy is already on its knees and many youth are looking for jobs and if this bill passes the already few available jobs will be lost,” the chairman concluded.

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