A Zetech student develops a mobile application to report COVID-19

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 15:32 |
Fabrice Mugabe explains the Mogracare app

In response to the Covid-19, a Zetech University student has developed a mobile application that alerts people on medical emergencies and other tragedies.
Fabrice Mugabe, an IT degree student was inspired to develop the application dubbed Mogracare, by the sudden wave of the COVID-19 pandemic that has claimed over 50 deaths and over 2,000 infections in the country.
Mogracare is designed to create awareness and alert people on certain tragedies and upcoming disasters and enables users to report emergencies to secure the required support.
It can also be used to track accidents as a user can capture the information using a phone camera.
“This application was birthed to help people in case of emergencies and deadly pandemics such as COVID-19. For instance, if someone exhibits symptoms of the virus, he can report it through the App and the Government and caregivers will do the rest. Mogracare is already active with Kenyans already using it for disaster reporting.” said Mugabe.
He added that the platform is not limited to this period but can be used in the future to seek assistance, especially in areas that are prone to disasters.
Applauding Mugabe for the solution-driven approach to COVID-19, Zetech University VC Professor Njenga Munene noted that it is important to challenge university students to use knowledge gained to develop viable solutions. 
“We are pleased that our trainees are taking up the challenge to address health challenges afflicting the world and we are keen on providing the necessary support to have this innovations adopted in Kenya and beyond,” he said.
The Innovator, who is keen on creating solutions for the world, has also created a mobile application that helps communities to locate hospitals and the nearest healthcare facility to seek medical care.

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