A woman strips naked for being blocked from carrying food into SGR train

Friday, October 4th, 2019 08:01 |
Woman SGR train
A woman strips naked for being blocked from SGR train

A female passanger at the Standard Gauge Railway Mombasa terminal today stripped naked after she was blocked from the train for carrying foodstuff.

The obviously furious woman removed her dress and remained with her undergarments in her nude protest at the commuter trains.

Other female passangers and a security officer tried to calm her down but for some few moments, she could hear none of it.

The passenger was also in the company of a child though by press time, PD Online couldn't independently verify if the kid belonged to the woman. The child however, clung unto the woman all along the drama.

Ealrier in the day, SGR management had issued a circulation banning passangers from carrying food into the train. The notice was met with online fury as Kenyans on social media protested against the directive.


On Twitter, @Purposefull posted "Today it was total drama at the Mombasa terminus. We were forced to drink or throw away drinks that we had carried, milk and food meant for toddlers"

The SGR management was confisticating even food meant for toddlers despite not having a babies' food on their menu.

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