A scary bridge in Tetu that is a ticking time bomb

Thursday, October 17th, 2019 22:41 |
rIVER Gura
A resident attempts to cross the turbulent river Gura

A scary bridge in Tetu, Nyeri county is a ticking time bomb and could be disastrous if fast action is not taken. The footbridge crosses the fastest river in Africa, Gura.

The scary bridge in Tetu is not another tourist attraction but the plight of poor residents perhaps neglected by their elected leaders.

The bridge crosses River Gura from Karangia village to Mahiga in Tetu Subcounty, Nyeri. Details about the bridge were highlighted on social media by a Facebook user, Joyce Thairu.

Through a video, a man is seen struggling to cross a river on two logs of wood. The logs are decaying and the water level in the river threatens to cover the logs.

From quick internet research, several potamologists (people who study rivers) have described River Gura as the fastest flowing river in Africa. The river has earned a nickname 'Uasin Bolt' river, owing to its rapid speed.

Even in this rainy season, the residents are left with no other option but to use the bridge.

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