A nine-year-old child among the underage girls impregnated in Murang’a

Sunday, July 5th, 2020 12:45 |
Pregnant mother. Photo/Courtesy

A nine-year-old girl is one of the thousands of teenagers who have been impregnated in Murang'a County.

Murang'a women representative Sabina Chege said the girl hails from Ithanga, lower Gatanga the are which has registered the highest number of underage pregnancies.

Speaking in Murang'a on Saturday, Chege said this is a worrying trend and there is a need to act fast to stem it.

"If we have children as young as nine years bearing children what will their future be like?" she posed.

She said she has sought partnership with Fida to help the victims in seeking legal redress over sexual abuse.

"We are going to ensure that every defilement case reported is taken to court and we follow it up to the conclusion for the victim to get justice," she remarked.

Chege said the future of thousands of young girls hangs in the balance if action is not taken to cushion them from sex predators.

She said these teen mothers ought to be allowed back to school for them to continue with their education and give them a chance to rebuild their future.

The legislator has proposed for establishing of rescue 'Kiotas' for the teen moms who are rejected in their homes where they can find refuge and get a chance to continue with their education.

"Through my foundation, I will sponsor as many girls as I can to get back to school and I wish leaders can join hands in this mission," she remarked.

At the same time, Ahadi Kenya Trust boss Dr. Stanley Kamau has hit back at leaders who are disputing the teenage pregnancy figures in Murang'a accusing them of being insincere.

Kamau said he did not cook any figures and he has no reason to do so but he gave a true reflection of what is on the ground.

"Someone sent me on a fact-finding mission and its the same person I report back to," he said.

"If anybody feels I am not telling the truth, they should do a thorough survey and prove me wrong," he said.

Last week, Murang'a County Commissioner Mohammed Bare claimed that the teenage pregnancy figures in Murang'a had been inflated, and they're less than 300 cases.

Kandara Mp Alice Wahome also disputed the figures claiming that her constituency was being put in a bad light.

"Those opposing the figures are either too blind to see what is happening around them or they just don't care about the issue," said Kamau.

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