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Thursday, April 8th, 2021 00:00 |
Hot chocolate and a steak, egg and cheese crepe. PD/NJERI MAINA

Indulge in the inviting aroma of sweet or savoury thin pancakes aka crepes at this restaurant in Village Market, which offers virtually limited options from egg steak and cheese, mushroom spinach, choco coco, cinnamon, berry... you name it, reawakening your senses.

Njeri Maina @njerimainar

What Covid-19 has taught me is the importance of offers. The importance of finding them and getting everything you can out of them mainly because there is nothing comparable to seizing the present moment. 

I think about this as I take a sip of hot chocolate from my turd cup emoji. It is quite hilarious really, taking a sweet brew in a cup shaped like poop.

I find it hilarious. I smile to myself as I think of what other emoji coffee to use in case I need another cup of chocolate or coffee.

I am at Harvest restaurant, on the second floor of the Trademark hotel at the Village Market.

A friend put me on to their month long offer of a sweet and savoury crepe option at the price of one, which I am more than happy to try out.

There is an art exhibition titled ‘The Lounge’ where someone can buy art pieces.

The crepes station at Harvest Restaurant. Photo/PD/NJERI MAINA

Lit lights hang cheerily off the ceiling making the space beautiful and artsy. There is a show kitchen where meals are prepared with thermal lights hanging next to the counter, where they put warm plates before and after plating.

The staff are quite attentive, allowing you to browse the space and decide on where you want to sit at your own leisure.

Sweet or savoury

The space has ample sitting place. There is a pancake station with hanging coloured lights and a bright neon sign that reads crepes.

It reminds me of the fact that crepes are the thin relative of their fluffier counterpart, the pancake, even though the two delicacies are often conflated.

 They have different crepe offerings, with one having the choice of either sweet or savoury.

I automatically pick to start with the salty option as I firmly believe in saving the sweets for last. I order an egg, steak and cheese and a mushroom spinach crepe. 

The mushroom spinach and cheese crepe is quite yummy. I am slowly getting onto the mushroom and veganism train and getting to understand that non meat food options do not have to equate to non-delicious.

I polish it off and start on the steak, egg and cheese option. The steak is cubed for me so I do not have to worry about getting chunks in every mouthful.

Berry blast crepe anyone? Photo/PD/NJERI MAINA

The eggs creaminess beautifully balances the steak’s umami. I savour every bite of my crepes, polish both off and start eyeing the sweet options. I decide to have a choco coco crepe. 

Upon further inspection, I’m torn between ordering a cinnamon bliss or a berry blast. I settle on berry blast.

The choco coco crepe arrives beautifully plated, with chocolate shavings dripping in milk chocolate drizzle and whipped crème and dark chocolate adding even more decadence to the dish. 

Each spoonful is chocolate heaven with the chocolate shavings adding a contrast in both texture and taste.

I am almost sure I cannot finish the entire pancake having already eaten the savoury ones.

So, I decide to try out the berry blast crepe option as my choco coco is packed to go.

The crepe is artfully decorated with berry syrup with berry compote filling its conical shape as it is beautifully arranged into a triangle.

Each bite is berry heaven as I scoop just a bit of crepe, a bit of berry syrup and a few fresh berries with each forkful. 

I soon polish off the entire plate. I order a water as I wait for my takeaway bag. It is the last day of February and hence the last day of the offer.

I am almost sad that I did not learn of this earlier. I ask the waiter if there will be more offers like this.

You can bet on it, he says. He tells me of pancake Tuesdays, whereby you can buy two pancakes for the price of one for all of March. 

I smile elated at the news. They were after all right, when one pancake offer door closes, another one opens right up.

So this being my birthday month, please feel free to take me to Harvest for a birthday lunch.

I would prefer it to be on Tuesday, and at least you can be sure I will order only the pancakes and a hot hug in form of a chocolate mug.

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