A chat with Juliet Ayub Miriam aka Jovial, a fast-rising singer

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 12:00 |
Juliet Ayub Miriam aka Jovial, a fast-rising singer.

Tell us more about yourself?

I was born into a singing family. I really enjoy singing so much, more than anything I have ever gotten to do throughout my life.

Other than music, what other thing do you enjoy doing?

I concentrate mostly on my businesses, which keep me going. During my free time I go to the gym because keeping fit is the only gift I can give myself. I also give back to the society, we provide hygiene services to a children’s home back home in Shanzu, North Coast.

Best moment in your career?

When I joined Coca-Cola pop stars. It happened to be the first ever episode to be done in Kenya and I felt honoured. It actually opened doors for my singing career and I am forever grateful.

Best place you have travelled to throughout your career?

Back then when we were a singing band group known as Rhythms and we would travel abroad for shows. Netherlands where the creators of the group came from happened to be my best because it just felt so different and the tour sites were amazing.

What are the worst moments of your life?

When I was travelling with Rhythms and I would get into many fights with my parents. They couldn’t buy into my singing career. They thought I was just touring for fun, so everytime I would visit from my tours they would ask endless questions and get concerned about every little thing. 

One time I had lost weight and my mother could not take it. I found their complaints to be too much and it was affecting me, especially the thought that  my mother was getting  broken. Probably she thought I was into malicious things.

Best fashion moment?

When I get to choose everything I wear by myself. In most of my videos, I get to style myself and I love it.

What is the worst fashion advice you’ve ever received?

That I should put on those unfinished trousers on stage. I got so embarrassed because I ended up looking like a teenager.

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