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Hoteliers complain of discrimination in Covid protocols

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 00:00 |
Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) chair Mohammed Hersi.

Hoteliers have faulted the government’s decision to cap hosting of conferences to 30 people, saying the decision is discriminatory when viewed against other sectors which have been allowed to operate at full capacity.

Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) chair Mohammed Hersi found it peculiar that hotels that abide with strict Covid-19 protocols have been told not to host more than 30 people for a meeting, “but at the same time we are back to full carrying capacity in public transport.”

“Investors and hoteliers, plus restaurants are suffering and I dare say that this is nothing but sectoral discrimination,” said Hersi.

Hersi, who wondered how the decision by the ministry was arrived at, said the probability of contracting the Covid-19 virus was higher in packed public transport as opposed to hotels and restaurants that observe strict Covid-19 protocols.

“Where do you stand a higher chance to catch the virus in a bus heading to some place for six hours packed to capacity,” asked Hersi, wondering how this was worked out.

“I am afraid that instead of refining how we tackle Covid-19 it looks like we are surprising ourselves with every single move,” continued Hersi on his facebook page yesterday.

He said hoteliers supported measures to deal with the pandemic, but needed to see realistic measures that make sense, and balance both life and livelihoods.

Last week, Tourism  Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala allowed hotels and restaurants to hold meetings with a maximum capacity of 30 people, failing to which their licenses would be revoked.

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