84 Nigerian children rescued in botched second kidnap bid

Monday, December 21st, 2020 00:00 |
School children hold sign in protest of child trafficking. Photo/Courtesy

Two incidents of crime in Mosoriot, Nandi county in the last three weeks have left residents baffled.

On the evening of January 11, Timothy Rop was accosted by unknown assailants who beat and robbed him on his way home from Mlango trading centre before fleeing on a motorbike while on the following day, his sister-in-law Faith Rop and her three-year-old son escaped whet looked like a kidnap attempt.

Faith and her son were walking from Mosoriot trading centre when a salon car abruptly stopped just behind them after which two men got out, abducted them and tried to force them into the vehicle.

It was only after she screamed that bodaboda operators approached the car after which the abductors sensed danger, threw them by the roadside and sped off.

Both incidents were reported at Mosoriot police station with the law enforcers promising to conduct investigations. However, the fact that two family members were targeted in successive days have left residents wondering if there is a personal motive towards the Rop family or it is just coincidence.

Area chief Ali Kurgat has attributed the incidences to unknown people who reside at trading centres along the busy Mosoriot Kabsabet highway. "Bodabodas who are not registered in any SACCO should also be clamped down as they are being operated by unknown people," said the Mutwot location chief.

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