69 police officers killed in line of duty last year, report says

Saturday, September 14th, 2019 00:00 |
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A total of 65 police officers lost their lives in the course of duty in 2018, National Police Service (NPS) has reported.

NPS Annual Crime Report 2018 indicated that most of the deaths were as a result of terrorism attacks.

“Terrorism attacks accounted for 23 deaths or 35 per cent which were recorded in the counties of Wajir and Garissa,” the report revealed.

The deaths have reduced compared to the 2017 statistics where a total of 78 officers died.

The report indicated there were 44 recorded cases of terror attacks as compared to 80 in the year 2017, which was a 40 per cent decrease.

As a result of these incidents, 49 people were killed and 41 injured. Out of those killed 23 were police officers, 16 were civilians and 8 were Al shaabab militants.  

The attacks mostly targeted security personnel and led to the injury of 33 police officers and 8 civilians.

The number of deaths recorded in Rift Valley region was as a result of cattle rustling where bandits ambushed police officers mainly in Samburu County.

“A total 536 police officers were injured in the line of duty. Most injuries were as a result of road accidents and during encounter with terrorists,” NPS reported.

To arrest this challenge facing police officers, the reorganization of the NPS command structure in conformity with NPS Act 2011 took effect.

Nationally, the report indicated that in 2018 there were 88,268 reported cases as compared to 77,992 in 2017 which was an increase of 10,276 cases or 13%.

In 2016 there were 76,986 cases reported to police which increased to 77,992 in 2017 translating to an increase 1,006 or 1%.

It is projected to rise in the year 2020.

Incidences that have been on an upward trend include Defilement, Assault, General Stealing, Creating Disturbance, possession of drugs for personal use (Cannabis Sativa) and malicious damage.

These crimes are mostly associated with alcohol, drug and substance abuse.

In the period under review, there were increase in cases under the categories of offences against morality 1,741 cases or 31.7 per cent , other Penal Code Offences 1,181 cases or 17.4 per cent, criminal damage by 521 Cases or 12.2%, Other Offences against Persons by 2,534 cases or 11.3 per cent, Economic crimes by 405 cases or 11 per cent, Stealing by 1,189 cases or 10.2 per cent  and robbery 222 cases or 8.2 per cent

Meanwhile, you are likely to be assaulted in Rift Valley after the report revealed the region tops in the crime statistics ranking.

The region, according to the report, recorded the highest crime cases with 19,802 cases.

“Most of the offences reported were assault which had a total of 4,386 followed by creating disturbance 1,577 and Affray 452,” the report highlighted.

The report added that most of the cases reported in the region fell under the category of other offences against persons (6,205), stealing (2868), offences against morality (1,687), other Penal Code Offences (1,659), breakings (1,455) and Criminal Damage 1,134.

The report also revealed that in the region, Nakuru County recorded 4,329 cases which was the highest in the region.

“The prevalent crimes in Nakuru were under the categories of Stealing 935, Other Offences Against persons 917, offences against morality 359, breakings 351,” part of the report indicated.

Other cases were Penal Code Offences 304 while the category of general stealing accounted for

834 cases or 89%.

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