Why a colourful pre-wedding event turned chaotic

Monday, February 8th, 2021 09:00 |
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MCA Gwinso

I have never quite believed that in politics there are no permanent enemies.

However, this fact was rammed down my throat last week by none other than the governor himself.

You probably remember how I recently rubbed him the wrong way, courtesy of one loose-tongued colleague, MCA Makayoyo.

You recall how this colleague set me up to rave and rant and refer to the governor as corrupt.

I did this on phone unaware that the county chief himself was listening!

The governor was to invite me for a chat over the matter. Well, he finally did.

It was a subdued me that walked into his office last Wednesday afternoon. “Welcome, boss,” the governor ushered me in, on his face was a broad smile.

My attempts to smile back were checked by the thought of a cat playing with a rat before devouring it.

“Bwana Gwinso, I need your help,” he said, catching me by surprise. He went on to share his opinion about the BBI.

The passion with which he spoke convinced me he was serious.

“Gwinso, I want you and MCA Makayoyo to champion my views on this document. I don’t want to do it myself for obvious reasons.”

Now this was not music to my ears. How on earth was I to work with Makayoyo, a man who had messed me up just the other day?

“I know you and him are not the best of friends, but let me tell you. In politics, there are no permanent enemies,” said the governor, apparently having read my mind.

To atone for my sins, I had no choice but to accept the order disguised as a request.

Our first assignment was to be at a pre-wedding party hosted by the governor’s nephew on Saturday. 

“We have invited very many people to that event. I want you to take advantage of it and trumpet my views on the BBI without mentioning me,” said the governor. “I will not attend, but I trust you to do a good job.”

So Saturday found us at the venue of the event. True to the governor’s word, the place was teeming with humanity. One would have thought it was a political rally.

I was obviously glad to be here. I would definitely mention my 2022 intentions.

Makayoyo and I sat next to each other, and from the way we chatted and laughed heartily, one would not imagine this was the same fellow who had betrayed me the other day.

With Mokonyonyo Spoiler, aka Moks, seated behind me, I felt safe and secure.

If you don’t know Moks, you don’t know a dependable combatant, one whose fist comes handy when you are confronted with danger from misguided opponents. I had brought him along just in case.

Soon it was time for speeches, and I asked Moks to say something by way of introducing me. I was taken aback by the confrontational tone with which he began.

“We have come here for a pre-wedding ceremony, not a political rally, so hatutaki siasa hapa,” he thundered.

“After all, we all know who to elect for governor in 2022. That is none other than MCA Gwinso, and that is a fact.

It is not politics. So people like Makayaya, or whatever you name is, fyata mdomo!”

Everything happened in a flash. A man sprang from the gathering, rushed towards Moks and unleashed a punch aimed at his face.

Fortunately, Moks, being an accomplished pugilist, parried off the fist and in turn delivered a kick that sent the assailant to the ground.

The pandemonium that ensued was indescribable. I will forever remain indebted to the fellow who grabbed and shoved us – Makayoyo and me - into a vehicle.

About an hour later, we were seated in a hotel sipping drinks and comparing notes.

“Gwinso, your man is tough. The way he thwacked my guy, wah!” said Makayoyo.

“But you fellow was also very swift. I am amazed at the agility with which he swung into action,” came my rejoinder.

All our differences forgotten, we whiled away the evening in the tranquil environment.

Just as we were about to leave, Moks appeared, looking rather ruffled and still agitated.

“Bwana Gwinso, yaani we are fighting for you guys yet you are here making merry?  Sasa hiyo ni nini?”

Makayoyo let out a loud laugh which earned him a murderous look from Moks, and had it not been for my intervention, things would have turned out nasty. Thankfully, the day ended peacefully, at least for me and Makayoyo.

Now the governor is waiting to hear how we sold his views on the BBI. Mbele haiko sawa! [email protected]

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