52 people taken into mandatory quarantine in Murang’a

Thursday, April 16th, 2020 00:00 |
Mandatory quarantine in Murang’a.

Some 52 people have been taken into mandatory quarantine in Murang’a for defying safety guidelines.

The 52, who are said to be casual labourers being ferried to a coffee farm in Maragua ridge, were apprehended after police intercepted a lorry and pick-up they were travelling in yesterday.

According to Murang’a south deputy county commissioner Mawira Mungania, police intercepted the vehicles at a roadblock along the Kenol Murang’a road after getting a tip-off from  members of the public.

“We got a tip-off from the public and were able to track the lorry,” he said.

Mungania said they are looking for the owner of the lorry who is also believed to be the owner of the coffee estate. He will be charged for violating the law.

County chief officer for health James Gitau said the 52 will be in isolation for the next 14 days at their own expense and will be tested for the coronavirus.

Gitau said this should serve as an example to the residents who are defying the safety guideline measures outlines by the government to help curb the spread of Covid 19.

But the workers said they were not in a position to foot the bill as they were going for this menial jobs so as  to fend for their families.

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