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Tuesday, July 28th, 2020 00:00 |
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It is a Monday evening. I am on a run on Olenguruone Road, but decide to take a break instead and have a beer at Willow Garden Bistro located off the road. Life is about balance, after all.

The bistro looks more spacious from the inside than the glimpse one gets from the road. Beautiful lights hang from the ceiling, with the bar design being reminiscent of a wooden ship. It just happens to be jazz night, and what was supposed to be one beer turns into a bottle of Fragolino and pasta.

On the following Sunday when left to babysit, I decide not to order in and take my babies to the same bistro for lunch. The management seems to know what it is doing, for the day crowd is more controlled and totally different from the staggering crowd of the night.

Some people are even working from the bistro, probably while hiding from their babies at home. On this occasion, I have a barbecue steak and fries, while my little ones have grilled pork and fries, and pancakes.

One of them loves crepes and pancakes almost as much as I do. They can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not get tired of them.

The food takes a while to arrive. When with kids, time is of essence, as children are normally a few minutes away from hunger, which spells chaos for everyone involved.

This is something they will need to work on, as unlike the evening crowd that can wait indefinitely for food as they are high, making families wait for almost an hour for lunch is unwise.

The food arrives eventually, and we are all happy with how our orders are made. The steak is well done and cooked through, while the potatoes are soft and crunchy all at the same time. We accompany the meals with a few milkshakes and are ready to call it a day.

While I might be hesitant to bring my children here due to the wait time, I will definitely be back alone or with friends, as they have various offers in place that I plan to leverage.

Every day from 2pm they have happy hour, where one gets a free cocktail after buying three. Every Tuesday, they have an offer on breakfast crepes, where one gets a crepe of the same flavour absolutely free if they buy one.

They also have Wine Wednesdays, where every bottle of wine that is paired with a steak pork is sold at 10 per cent off.

There seems to be a reason to stop by Willow Garden Bistro more than three times every week.

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