Murang’a: 40 families urged to move to safer grounds

Monday, November 25th, 2019 16:47 |
Murang'a landslides
A home in Murang'a swept by a landslide after a downpour on November 19, 2019. PHOTO/COURTESY

Tens of families in various parts of Murang'a County have been advised to move to safer grounds due to fear of possible landslides. 

The Kenya Red Cross central region manager Gitonga Mugambi said about 40 families have been urged to seek integrated accommodation from their relatives who are in safer grounds.

Speaking to People Daily, Gitonga said though there is no cause for alarm, they are taking precaution to avert any loss of lives.

The families, he said, are sitting on areas which had developed crack early last year during the long rains season and there is a high possibility of landslides occurring.

"We are sensitising people to put their safety first because we don't want any loss of lives which we could prevent," he said.

Gitonga said there is a team which is doing a close monitoring on the ground and ready take action in case an incident occurs.

He also said the Red Cross is sending alert messages to to the people to be aware of their surroundings and be on the look out for any danger sign on landslide or flooding.

According to Murang'a meteorological officer Paul Mirage, about 88 spots have been earmarked as potentially risky areas as they have cracks running deep into the ground.

He said with the heavy rains set to continue, the cracks might aggravate the situation as the water will infiltrate down into the already saturated soil thus causing the landslides.

The areas include: Kaganda, Inoi, Kayu, Kiarathe, Kenya Njeru among others.

"These are the areas which had cracks last year, but the grounds are yet to heal and thus we find them unsafe during this season," he said.

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