35 KRA employees charged with graft

Monday, November 16th, 2020 14:19 |
Court Hammer

Over 35 employees of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) accused of abetting tax evasion and bribery at the institution have been charged with the offence.

Appearing before Milimani Anti-Corruption judge Daglous Ogoti, they denied several charges including; abuse of office, making false entry, and receiving bribe.

The accused persons were charged in over 10 separate files depending on the people they helped dodge tax payments at KRA by fraudulently clear cargo and alter tax returns.

They are alleged to have committed the offences on diverse dates in the month of November 2018 and April 2019.

Those charged include Melda Atieno Ombira (itax support officer)Fiona Ambala (Supervisor), Daisy Kemunto, Fernades Mutui Manyasia and Lucas Albert Kungu.

Among the companies the employees help to avoid paying taxes by issuing them with a tax compliance are Golden Shield Limited, Amber Construction.

The suspects are alleged to have helped the taxpayers to avoid paying taxes ranging from Sh 160,000 to Sh 10,000.

The employees were charged after the High Court on Friday dismissed their application to stop their prosecution.

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