1200 students to benefit from scientific calculators

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 13:01 |

Over 1200 students are set to benefit from scientific calculators, to enable them to strengthen mathematical skills.

The scientific mathematical set to be donated by the KAPEK Kenya Mathematical Olympiad, KAPEK is delighted to announce that all students who participated in the KKMO 2020 is in line with the government big 4 agenda to support health, and manufacturing sector through science.

The KKMO, the prestigious competition for the selection process of young, talented math students who will go on to represent Kenyan around the world in the International Mathematical Olympiad and the Pan-African Mathematical Olympiad. The competition is organized annually by KAPEK in conjunction with the Mathematics Association of Kenya and University of Nairobi.

“In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying challenges, KAPEK feels there is no better time to reward students for their continued hard work and equip them with tools for their future mathematics study. Each KAPEK Set includes including a high-quality scientific calculator, precision math sets and log tables all enclosed in the sleek colourful packaging,” said Beatrice Wagichu, KAPEK representative.

Distributed to participating schools at the beginning of the end of the year, the gesture, comes with the announcement that the registration for the 2021 KKMO is now open and available on the competition website

While progress and the next steps for the 2020 competition have been unclear up on till now, in the interest of the safety of all participants and staff, the decision has been made to continue the second round and final selection process from the safety of the participants schools. With the next stage of exams being held on February 4th 2021. Details are available on the website.

Conducting the final rounds via online platforms, top candidates from will now move forward to participate in online training and further examination for the international competition spots. The top 6 students will on to the represent Kenya in the International Mathematical Olympiad to be held in Russia in July 2021.

The KKMO team have been kept busy throughout the global lockdown, running online quizzes and competitions seeing hundreds of students participating. These quizzes will continue going forward as well as a renewed focus on support for schools in this coming year. We are delighted to announce that this year we will be offering teach training sessions offered via video link together with bi-weekly examination papers and tests for students to help hone their skills.
The benefits of taking part are huge for students and schools alike, participation has been shown to Improve performance in mathematics in secondary school with early identification of talent in students. Sharpen mathematical and problem-solving skills, feedback shows that students who take part Improves aptitude and generally get better results in KCSE.
Winning students will of course then go on to participate in international competitions with many having opportunities to study in international and ivy league universities thereafter.
In the future, the KKMO’s goals include involving every Kenyan school child with the completion, increasing the resources offered, improving mathematical literacy in Kenya and bring more girls into the competition to improve female representation in mathematics.

Students, Parents, teachers and schools interested in receiving additional study material and being kept up to date with the KKMO should register their interest now. LINK TO KKMO.

Anyone wishing to purchase KAPEK sets; KAPEK is available on Textbook Centre website and their store. Other enquiries or for stockists information please see

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